Rotary Club of Abbeville, LA

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From our President, Thomas Thompson

To stay the course, an old phrase of uncertain origin, has grown to mean to continue doing something until it is finished or until an objective has been achieved. How does this phrase pertain to our Rotary Club?

Over the past five years, this Club has helped build classrooms for an orphanage in Uganda, a skateboard park in Abbeville, refurbish a community kitchen which feeds the needy, provide tables for students at a local middle school, help fund the Special Olympics, provide a scholarship to a worthy student, and provide toys to needy children during the Christmas season.

Of critical import to the success of our Club’s community endeavors is the St. Patrick’s Comedy for a Cause program.  The major projects undertaken by the club have been funded through this annual event.  So too will future projects.

Already in place are plans to build a needed playground for elementary students who attend an inner-city school.  There are also plans in place to build an emergency facility for those who are sheltered in a local park facility and to build a Rotary cook wagon for use in the community.  

Moreover, clubs will undergo fundamental changes brought about by legislation adopted by Rotary International in 2016.  More authority has been granted to Rotary clubs with respect to meeting times, attendance, and myriad other facets of club administration.  The matter of membership will remain at the forefront.  We will examine the impact of these changes and adopt those that best serve the interests of our Club.

Yet, in whatever form and in whatever undertaking, we will remain people of action, that is, Rotarians.  To quote Rotary International, “Rotary is where neighbors, friends, and problem-solvers share ideas, join leaders and take action to create lasting change.”  This is our objective in all our Club endeavors.  From our Trusts to our Comedy for a Cause to our po-boy sales and to the projects we strive to complete, we do these things and act to create lasting change in our community.  To this end, we will stay the course and “make a difference” in the coming year.